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Dear Neighbors,

I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve the people of Medford, Somerville, Winchester, and Cambridge as state senator.

This website is one of many ways I try to stay in touch.

Of course, you’re also welcome to call, email, or visit my staff and me at the State House, or make an appointment to get together in the district.

Latest News

Nov 25 2015 Medford Pols Speak Out on Commuter Rail Service Changes- Updated
Inside Medford
Medford Pols Speak Out on Commuter Rail Service Changes- Updated Story Updated 2:04 PM Wednesday, November 25, 2015 Update- statement from State Senator Pat Jehlen: “The new commuter rail schedules that were originally slated to go into effect in December would have caused...
Nov 19 2015 Commuter Rail Concerns Raised by Legislators
Joined by a number of legislative colleagues, Senator Jason Lewis submitted a letter to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and Keolis Commuter Services, the private operator contracted to operate the commuter rail lines, expressing serious concerns over...
Oct 27 2015 Group Of Legislators Push To Remove ‘High-Stakes’ Nature Of Standardized Testing
Legislators critical of standardized testing are pushing five bills that could change how much sway test scores have in Massachusetts schooling. It comes just as the Obama administration is urging limits on school testing. While the group of state legislators still want...
Oct 26 2015 Obama’s Push to Limit Testing Fuels Mass. Debate
The Boston Globe
President Obama’s call for schools to reduce time spent taking standardized tests fueled the debate in Massachusetts over the role of assessments, and injected a new element into a looming vote on whether the state should adopt a new test, keep the old one, or develop a...
Oct 16 2015 Senators from Cambridge Vote to Pass Opiate Addiction Prevention Bill
Cambridge Chronicle
Senators from the Cambridge delegation recently joined their colleagues in the Massachusetts Senate to pass legislation that addresses the ongoing substance abuse crisis in the Commonwealth. The legislation focuses on prevention and reducing the number of opiate pills...
Oct 8 2015 Local Legislators Call For Open Records for University Police
Somerville Journal
Legislators from Somerville and other areas with a heavy college presence are calling for more transparency from university police departments, which unlike city police have greater power to keep information about arrests and incidents from the public. The push...
Sep 19 2015 Soaring Home Insurance Rates Questioned
Somerville Journal
Following a winter that caused an estimated $2.4 billion in losses in the Northeast, a recent spike in Massachusetts home insurance premiums is drawing the scrutiny of lawmakers and consumer advocates alike. “I’m keeping an open mind here, so I’m stopping short of...
Sep 18 2015 Legislators Stand Together in Support of Reforms for Police Investigations
Somerville News Weekly
BOSTON, MA – Senator Pat Jehlen, Representative Evandro Carvalho, and Representative Mary Keefe joined in testimony before the Joint Committee on The Judiciary yesterday in support of reforms for police investigations into officer-involved deaths. Representative Carvalho...